Thank you for choosing HIGHLOCK packaging with iQ™, a technology powered by plants that has the sole mission of reducing plastic pollution.

HIGHLOCK delivers the promise of providing safe, more sustainable alternatives to our customers. We make their lifestyle possible.

Our child resistant Pop Top containers live by that promise, offering safety, improved sustainability and the functionality you’ve come to expect.

We want to make sure our products securely protects the contents inside. Therefore, we do utilize plastics packaging, since it is the most efficient material to protect products with THC against dust and moisture. Additionally, it adheres to the rigid CPSC child resistant requirements.

While plastics are amazingly useful, they must evolve to reduce the negative environmental impact, especially marine pollution when they unfortunately make their way to the ocean.

That’s why HIGHLOCK chose to include iQ™ in the protective packaging of your product. An environmental improvement without compromise to functionality.

The Benefits of iQ™
iQ™ is a plant-based material that has replaced up to 10% of the traditional plastic in your protective packaging.

The benefits include:

Up to10% less
fossil-based plastics!!!
Replaced by renewable, plant-based content.
Quicker biodegradation*
less microplastics
Packaging with iQ has demonstrated faster biodegradation of mainstream plastics via a mechanism that’s not fragmentation, meaning not increasing microplastics. Like paper (also a polymer), mainstream plastics can aspire to be durable, recyclable, affordable AND quicker to biodegrade via natural mechanisms when unfortunately entering the ocean.
Make no mistake:
Plastic with iQ will NOT immediately disappear when entering the oceans, but it is a step in the right direction, remaining durable for most uses while having demonstrated potential for significantly quicker biodegradation*.
By choosing packaging with iQ you are doing something TODAY.
You are giving nature a chance. You are supporting a movement that strives for plastics that are durable and reduce long term pollution. You have become part of the journey.
Virtually all products impact the environment. Improving biodegradation alone doesn't render a product sustainable. But it has potential to reduce plastics pollution. For example, plastics with 20% iQ have demonstrated up to 100% biodegradation in as little as one year under non-typical conditions (ideal ASTM D5511 and D5338). Plastics with 1% iQ have demonstrated 40% biodegradation in two years under the same non-typical conditions, no evidence of further biodegradation. Biodegradation of plastics with iQ in typical conditions (e.g., oceans) is currently being evaluated, but it is already demonstrated that replacing some polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) by NuPlastiQ® can only reduce the total amount of persistent plastics (and microplastics).